Leyni Stavola ’23, Volleyball

Leyni Stavola ’24, Volleyball

Leyni Stavola’s hard work and can-do attitude help elevate the volleyball and are why she was chosen as the volleyball Athlete of the Month for September.

Coach Rachel Renville said that since the beginning of August, Leyni’s performance on the court has improved exponentially thanks to her hard work. “Leyni is extremely coachable,” Renville said, “and always wants to know what she can do to be better.”

Renville said Leyni celebrates her teammates; her love for the team is geniune and inspires those around her. Leyni’s excitement and joy is contagious, Renville said.

“On the court and during games, Leyni doesn’t always get the recognition she deserves. She is selfless and always puts others first, but without her the team would not be able to compete.”

Rachel Renville, PRA Volleyball Coach

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