Avery Marr ’24, Cross Country

Avery Marr ’24,
Cross Country

Avery Marr overcame an injury early in the cross country to help her team qualify for the state meet. Her determination and contribution are why she was chosen as the October Athlete of the Month for the girls cross country team.

Cross country coach Mary Marr said that Avery was diagnosed with a foot fracture during the first week of the regular season. Setting a goal to return for the regional competition, Avery was in the pool and biking almost every day as she worked her way back from the injury.

Her hard work and determination resulted in Avery being the PRA top girl’s performer at both the regional and state competitions. Coach Marr said she was instrumental in qualifying the team for State at Regionals.

“Even though the injury was a major setback, she did not let it slow her down. Even with a fever on on regional race day, Avery ran and was instrumental in helping the team qualify for state. Avery showed true determination, courage and grit this season, and was an amazing example for her teammates.”

Mary Marr, PRA Cross Country Coach

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