Natalie Nguyen ’23, Cheer

Natalie Nguyen ’23, Cheer

Natalie Nguyen ’23 has the traits of a great leader: she’s prepared, determined and willing to accept responsibility. Those characteristics contributed to her being chosen as the cheer Athlete of the Month for October 2022.

Head coach Nicolette Griffith said Natalie’s determination pushes her to succeed and makes her a great team captain. Nguyen has been part of two state championship cheer teams and calls the cheers on the sidelines.

“Natalie is always prepared for practice, games and competitions,” Griffin said when asked how Natalie exemplifies the PRA Way (Prepared, Respectful, Accountable). “She may not always be right, but she is willing to admit when she is wrong. And she says that wants constructive criticism so that she can improve.”

Her strong work ethic serves as an example for the rest of the team. She practices dances in the hallway before practice and goes over the routine at games. While she expects a lot from her team, she also gives a lot of herself. Griffin said Natalie strives to have the whole team give their best, and that she is willing to help so her team members can be successful.

“She’s very blunt with what she thinks but the way she does it is with kindness,” her coach said. “You never leave practice feeling low or thinking that Natalie is mad at you. Instead, you feel uplifted and good about the work you did.”

Natalie is compete with her Miner team at the 2022 CHSAA State Spirit Championships on Dec. 9.

“Natalie is very determined once she puts her mind to something she exceeds the expectation.”

Nicolette Griffin, PRA Cheer Coach

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