Vidhura Kumar ’23, Track & Field

Vidhura Kumar ’23, Track & Field

Leader. Mentor. Force in the throwing sector. That’s how Coach Von Miller describes Vidhura, who was chosen as the March Athlete of the Month for boys track and field.

Vidhura recently broke the school shot put record with a mark of 40-10 at the Mercury Track & Field Invitational. He is currently ranked 10th in 3A in shot put and 17th in discus. “Vidhura is a such a kind human, but don’t be fooled as he is a powerful force in the throwing sector,” Miller said.

This year’s track and field team has several new throwers and Miller said Vidhura easily steps into the role of leader and a mentor, going out of his way to show his new teammates the ways of throwing.

“Vidhura embodies what is means to be a PRA student. He works incredibly hard with everything he does and that effort is noticed. Regardless of if he is in the classroom or out in the field throwing, you know Vidhura is going to give everything he has.”

Von Miller, PRA Track & Field Coach

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