Wilson Jones ’27, MS Track & Field

Wilson Jones ’27, MS Track & Field

At the Liberty Common Meet, Wilson Jones set his PR by nearly a full minute on the mile. This new personal record was a testimony to Wilson’s work ethic. His performance combined with this dedication to hard work are way Wilson was chosen as one of the middle school Athletes of the Month for March.

His coach, Scott Bilbrey, said Wilson constantly works to improve and will run as far and as long as is asked of him without hesitation. Bilbrey said that Wilson is truly a pleasure to coach, thanks his being prepared and respectful. Wilson comes to practice ready to work and treats everyone with respect and kindness.

“Wilson never complains, he just runs. He’s the kind of athlete you don’t have to watch constantly or worry about being out of your sight, you simply give him instructions knowing he will do exactly as asked and report back for more,” Bilbrey said. “Wilson is a great representative of his team, school and family at all times, making him a wonderful example for others.”

Bilbrey said that Wilson frequently runs longer distances during practice and his attitude encourages the younger distance runners to do the same. Coach Bilbrey can give Wilson a time to return to the track and send him off with a group, knowing they will do exactly as asked.

“Wilson leads by example. I can count on him having a positive attitude and great work effort every day. Others see this and gravitate towards him for this reason. Recently I’ve spoken to him about the importance of his leadership and how I depend on him to continue to lead through his actions. I know Wilson will respond accordingly and work even harder to be a leader for our team.”

Scott Bilbrey, PRA MS Track & Field Coach

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