Cecilia Brougham ’28, MS Girls Soccer

Cecilia Brougham ’28, MS Girls Soccer

Cecilia Brougham ’28 has stepped up as a leader on defense, which had only allowed one goal at the time of this nomination. Her performance and her leadership contributed to her being chosen as one of the middle school Athletes of the Month for March.

In one particularly tough game Cecilia put her body on the line to stop the other team from scoring and ended up with a pretty nasty turf burn. Rather than ask for a sub she continued to play through the injury at 100 percent to not let her teammates down. Cecilia demonstrates perseverance and dedication to her team on a daily basis.

“Cecilia is willing to play at any position that is asked of her and never complains. She plays each minute of the game at full speed and never gives up on a play.,” Wolf said.

Cecilia’s coaches said she demonstrates all the characteristics that make a positive leader on the team, including sportsmanship and a positive attitude. She is inclusive of her teammates and respects the game to its fullest. She keeps up her grades and communicates with the coaches in a timely and respectful manner.

Her focus on team was one reason she was chosen for this honor.

“Cecilia plays the game with the team in mind and understands that we win or lose as a team. She plays very unselfishly and looks for opportunities to set up teammates for success,” Eccles said.

“We as coaches look for players that exemplify the idea of the student athlete. Cecilia demonstrates those characteristics of being Prepared, Respectful, and Accountable both in the classroom and on the field of play.”

Eric Wolf & Cynthia Eccles, PRA MS Girls Soccer Coaches

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