Reese Osborn ’27, MS Track and Field

Reese Osborn ’27, MS Track & Field

Reese Osborn lives out the PRA Way on the field, which is one reason she’s being honored as one of the middle school Athletes of the Month for April.

Coach Scott Bilbrey said Reese is on time and prepared for each practice. She is respectful of her teammates and her coaches. And she holds herself accountable by acknowledging her shortcomings and working to overcome them.

“Early in the year she had an incident that got in her head while doing hurdles,” Bilbrey said. “She was able to work through this and get back in form for the next meet. Reese is a strong competitor and gives PRA a leg up in any event she enters.”

Bilbrey said Reese’s contributions are important to the team since she tackles any event in which her team needs her to participate, putting the team first and giving her best.

“Reese is a good example for her younger teammates. She has worked with and encouraged others to compete in hurdles. Reese puts team first and realizes her best effort even when tired or hurting is what the team needs.”

Scott Bilbrey, PRA MS Track and Field Coach

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