Health Class Learns about Interpersonal Effectiveness

​In September, Dr. Florence Bocquet invited mental health specialist and PRA-parent Joi Miller to present about mental wellness to Dr.  Flo’s 10th-grade Health class students.

Students participated in a few hands-on activities to understand what it take to work towards mental wellness and how important those values are in our society. The most remarkable activity was with the use of eggs, yes real eggs! A dozen of real eggs were handled by our students in the carpeted classroom…without an incident!

Teams of three students were in charge of (1) writing keywords representing interpersonal effectiveness, like trust, empathy, or kindness, on the egg shell; (2) creating a cocoon with a given set of materials; and finally (3) dropping the cocooned egg from a couple of feet high! Did the eggs survive the drop?

Teamwork, as well as creative and engineered ideas were shared, all to provide the powerful message that one needs to protect and persevere at protecting deep personal values that make a (mentally-healthy) humanity.

Trust. Honesty. Communication. Accepting. Non-judgment. Empathy.

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