Letter from the Editor

Amy G. Partain

Amy G. Partain is the communications manager for Prospect Ridge Academy.

Welcome to the PRA Golden Nugget!

Nuggets of wisdom. Key takeaways. A naturally occurring piece of native gold. Golden nuggets can represent a lot of different things.

For us at PRA, the Golden Nugget represents great things that are happening in our Miner community: from student successes to staff activities or achievements to wisdom from our administrators to catching up on the amazing things our alumni are doing. They are nuggets of good news from our Miner community.

Prospect Ridge Academy is a special community that seeks to create academic, social, and ethical leaders. Articles featured on the Golden Nugget will showcase ways PRA helps shape our students into the leaders of tomorrow.

This blog, launched in late 2022, will feature members from various segments of our PRA community who are making a difference some here at home and abroad.

We hope you enjoy the stories we share! If you have a PRA highlight that would make a great blog post, please reach out to us at: social@prospectridgeacademy.org.